For Qualified Nurses for Employment in Germany with German Language Course absolutely FREE for "GNOA"Government Nursing Officer's Association Members 


Eligibility: A minimum of three years (03) nursing Degree (BscN)  or Diploma (NTS) or Certificate course and registration with Sri Lanka Nursing Council and association members with minimum of 2 years work experience. Some employers shall consider one (01) years’ work experience. 

The German language course is conducted free of charge to all applicants submitted via GNOA office to commence the A1 to B1 online in Sri Lanka. The B2 will be conducted in Germany 


  • The German partner will issue the letter of confirmation to commence the job application once the A1 assessment is completed  where you will complete the B1 exam and apply for the work visa all organized by the agency. This may take around 7-8 months.


  • A sum of LKR 75,000 cash deposit shall be made to the GNOA at the time of enrolment. This is refundable once the candidate is employed in Germany. Terms and Conditions apply

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