Patient and Nurse

Employment in Nursing 


A minimum of three years (03) nursing Degree or Diploma and registration with Sri Lanka nursing council or similar recognized qualifications with minimum of 2 years work experience. Some employers shall consider one (01) years’ work experience.
Applicants shall not be over 35 years of Age (Male and Female)

Employment Contract confirmation
The agency will issue the confirmation letter for the processing of the contract and to commence the language course. Once the recognition letter is approved by the federal agency the job placement employer shall be revealed to each candidate.
The cost of the language course shall be paid by the applicant which will be covered by a bonus of Euro 1500 which is paid by the Federal authorities in Germany upon passing of the B2 exam and nursing exam. A laptop computer will be gifted for the studies.


Base gross salary before recognition is Euro 2,200 to 2,400 per month and after recognition Euro 2,800 to 3,000 this is excluding accommodation. Working extra hours will be paid additionally.
Taxes and social insurance will apply (resulting in an estimated net income for the singles of Euro 1,600 before and Euro 2,000 after recognition.) social insurances include following state benefits: unemployment insurance, government pension, health and care insurance (without retainables)

Family reunification.
You are allowed to apply for family visa only for the spouse and children under age of 20 years.
It is advisable that the reunification shall be after the training program is completed and you are established which may take up to 9-12 months.
As per the German law the family accommodation shall be not less than 60sqmts.
The spouse shall complete the A1 language course before reunification. Thereafter the language up to B2 is conducted free of charge by the government.
Accommodation for candidate shall range between EURO.350-600 per month depending on the location.

Pre qualification
The minimum requirement for recognition is the B2 level exam to be completed in Sri Lanka. Some employers may consider the B1 exam passing and complete the B2 in Germany with assistant salary paid.
The full recognition shall be within 24 months at which you are free to apply for career advancement. Usually the recognition has to be completed in 18 months arriving with a B2 language and can be extended to 24 months if arriving with a B1 language level.

Loan Schemes
Applicants may apply for a loan for this job offer up to LKR 750,000 with interest to be paid over a period of 3 years.

How to apply: CV, Certificates and Passport size photograph taken in a studio with uniform scan and mailto:
For further clarifications: +94 74 194 1261 Website:
Nurses under NVQ or other degrees shall apply under the Dual Education Vocational training and employment in Germany.